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1 Comment

It was a breath of fresh air reading your blog. I was on interferon, ribavarin and incivek for 6 months and coming up in July of 2years hep c free. I am still on disability. I had the hep c for 30 years. Who knows how I got it. I couln't even read anything during therapy. Focus and concentration are gone still. I am going forward, but it seems like baby steps. I have gone from a type A personality working 2, jobs to barely functioning. I did not have any support thru this. But I am gaining it now. Your blog even though it is from 2007 is truthful and insightful. So many I have read do not even touch the down side of treatment. I am a NY transplant in Phoenix. Believe me this area has a long way to go in getting community help for those with hiv/hcv. Love your honesty.


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