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Doctors, Exercise and Lab Results

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Feb 13
I had my first doctors appointment today. It lasted a whole 3 minutes. I walked in, she asked questions in the form of statements, for example "You don't have symptoms right?  You feel fine. No (insert symptom) right?" Then I was told, "Okay we'll know more after your blood work."  I have no idea why I was even there.  I was extremely frustrated by the time I left and thought "Well, that was a waste of make-up".

Feb 14

Today, I'm going to drag my lazy ass out of bed to exercise.  Mild exercise of course, I hate it in general.  I need to stretch my legs because they're hurting quite a lot. I had trouble sleeping last night because of how badly they ached. I think my lack of moving about has tightened by hamstrings a bit too much and the pulling of my wonky spine may have pinched a nerve in my lumber spine.  It's a common occurrence since my fusion. So I'm going to attempt to stretch out my hammies and then go on the treadmill.  I want to walk a bit on it, but I still get sick standing up for too long so I'm not sure how that will go.

It's a weird thing, but after I calmed down from my ridiculous doctors appointment, I felt really good. Almost like it was a normal day.  I guess that's what adrenaline will do for you.  My blood-work has already come in and it was just a CBC panel, not a viral load.  Everything looks okay I guess, my white cells have already dropped a little low, but my red cells haven't. I care more about that because red blood cells contain the iron that keeps my hair from falling out.   My platelet count is really low and so are my neutrophil and abs. neutrophil. Whatever those are.  I will have my blood-work done again in a few weeks and I think that's the same time as my iron level is taken. As long as my iron level is still going up or at least stable, I'll be happy.


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