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Harry Styles being tattooed by a friend

Well, no he doesn't but that's what the twitterverse is reporting. A few days ago, an article went viral when it suggested that Harry Styles of One Direction is risking a Hepatitis infection if he continues to allow his friends to tattoo him outside of a licensed shop.  Well, teen girls everywhere completely freaked out.

They began with pleads to Harry to abstain from getting new tattoos in order to prevent the dreaded Hepatitis.

Next, it was predicted that Harry will absolutely get Hepatitis.

And finally, Harry already has Hepatitis. It's true. (This last one is my favorite)

hs.jpgWho knew that the way to get people talking about Hepatitis would be to suggest that an 18 year old English boy may be at risk of contracting it.  Well, this rumor gives me the hope that Harry and I now have something to talk about. We can become friends and then I'd finally have a way to meet Niall Horan.  Fantasy to reality by way of Hepatitis.  A dream is a wish your heart makes


Here's an excerpt from an article on Sugar Scape

" As well as risking being covered in a collection of the worst tattoos ever, Kevin also spoke of the more serious dangers that might rear their ugly head if Harry isn't too careful, with nasty diseases like hepatitis C being associated with sharing tattoo needles. SHEESH. Aint nobody got time for dat."

Sugar Scape is so perfect.

Well, whatever gets the kids thinking about Hepatitis I guess. We shouldn't be surprised that One Direction had their hands in it; they literally control the entire teen girl population.   But who am I kidding, I love them too.

Rest assured ladies, the curly haired boybander is free of The Hep


I love Harry Styles SO MUCH...but I don't understand why all the tattoos. Can someone write a blog about his tattoo meanings? Love ya, Hazza <3

I don't think he even knows what the meanings are. He's a doodle-pad.

Thanks for reading!!

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